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The new Album

Loreto is the milanese neighborhood where we've been living for the last years. Milan is definitely not Hawaii and Loreto is far from being a paradise, believe it. We've tried Brazil, Spain, and in the last period have been testing Italy. After years looking for that perfect place to live, we realized that what they say is true: paradise is really in the eyes of who's watching. Loreto Paradiso is not a real place, it is a state of mind. We can't just blame the place where we are if inside we're living in hell. Once you realize it, you start reconsidering your choices, your beliefs, your whole life, and that’s what this record is about. In a few words, it's about realizing that life is just too short for complaining, that our decisions can really make a difference, that we can always do better, that in the end is up to us.